10 directors who almost made a DC movie


It’s not uncommon for directors to be attached to a project just to go their separate ways, but when it comes to DC movies, it happens a lot more often than expected. From older film industry statesmen like Steven Spielberg to independent classic directors like Jason Reitman, Warner Bros. ‘ the choices for directors are everywhere.

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But the heart of the studio is almost always in the right place, as these individuals would have all made completely unique films, and many of them could have been better than what fans ultimately got with the DCEU. Whether it’s getting bored of long development or just leaving to pursue their own passion projects, these directors have sadly given up on some potentially groundbreaking films.

ten Steven spielberg

Over the course of his prolific career spanning nearly 50 years, there have been so many unrealized Steven Spielberg projects, but one of the most interesting is a story about the Man of Steel himself, as Warner Bros. wanted Spielberg to make the very first Christopher Reeve with Superman film in 1978.

Unfortunately, the filmmaker refused the offer to direct Superman in order to lead Encounters of the Third Kind. However, a reboot of the series is currently in development with JJ Abrams – who many people consider to be the next Steven Spielberg – at the helm. These are the closest fans who will ever get a Superman movie directed by Spielberg.

9 Wes craven

Wes Craven in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

The late and great horror writer Wes Craven was at one point in talks to direct Superman IV: The Quest for Peace before Sidney J. Fury finally landed the job. The movie would have been completely different, as Craven is responsible for creating the most iconic villains in horror films, such as Ghostface Killer and Freddy Krueger, and his portrayal of the character undoubtedly would have been a lot scarier. Needless to say, his vision for the film did not match that of the producers.

8 Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino behind the camera

Most fans are probably aware that Quentin Tarantino really only directs his own scripts and never stares in other creator’s sandboxes – even though he’s talked at length about doing it. Star Trek film for years now.

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However, the controversial director has also been offered The Green Lantern, the film even released in 2011 and which received an extremely negative reception. It is impossible to imagine what a Tarantino achieved The Green Lantern would look like, especially since he hates CGI and it would be impossible to make a The Green Lantern movie without.

7 Matthew Vaughn

Matthew Vaughn is no stranger to comic book movie adaptations, and he’s actually the older, low-key statesman when it comes to that sort of thing. People can congratulate Christopher Nolan for making Batman real and the Russo Brothers for wrapping up the Infinity Saga, but Vaughn directed Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class, and the Kingsman series.

The director has proven he can adapt to any superhero movie tone, and that’s why he would’ve been the perfect choice to direct. Man of Steel 2. Vaughn described his movie Superman as uplifting and hopeful, and given how dark Superman is in the DCEU, it’s no wonder it’s not a perfect fit. But at the end, Man of Steel 2 didn’t happen at all, regardless of who was in charge.

6 Sam raimi

Sam Raimi on the set of Drag Me To Hell

Much like Matthew Vaughn, Sam Raimi knows superhero movies almost better than anyone. The longest, Spider Man had the most profitable opening weekend of all time, and the two sequels, both also made by Raimi, were equally successful. But long before the release of the 2002 Web movie, Raimi was offered the opportunity to direct Batman forever after Burton retired from the series.

It was hardly surprising that the ideas of Warner Bros. and Raimi for the movie didn’t match, as the studio wanted a more kid-friendly movie after dark. Batman Returns underperformed. And coming from a background of horror, Raimi almost certainly had opposite intentions. However, the filmmaker’s tenure with the comic book movies is not over, as Raimi directs Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

5 Georges miller

Tom Hardy and George Miller working on Mad Max: Fury Road

George Miller is not just an author; he is much more than that, for his diverse work includes both the brutal Mad Max series and happy feet. The eclectic lineup of R-rated kids’ movies and action movies make the director the perfect choice for a director to get studios to get exactly what they want.

And for a very long time Miller was actually working on a Justice League film long before the 2017 film. Justice League: Mortal went far in development, as the costumes were produced and the whole league picked, but it was called off due to nothing more exciting than a battle for Australian tax credits.

4 Paul Feig

A Simple Favor Director Paul Feig and Anna Kendrick on set

In what is one of the strangest choices for directing a superhero movie, comedy director Paul Feig, the mastermind behind it Bridesmaids, wanted to run his Wonder woman movie. Feig presented an adaptation that was more of an action comedy in line with his other work, which examined feminist issues in the superhero community.

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Paul Feig directed the blockbuster action movie of 2016 ghost hunters, which is also part of a giant franchise. But given how poorly received this movie by critics and audiences alike, it’s a good job that Warner Bros. transmitted to the director’s field.

3 Ben affleck

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman

In what is one of the most documented feuds between a studio and an actor, it’s no secret that Ben Affleck didn’t enjoy his time playing Batman in the DCEU. Although his portrayal of Batman is quite controversial, Affleck played Bruce Wayne as the Rich Tortured, which was one of the more unique portrayals of the character on the big screen.

And before the spinoff, Affleck was scheduled to write and direct his own Batman movie. While no one is sure what it would have looked like, according to insiders the script was amazing and it played out for Batman to be the world’s greatest sleuth, something that wasn’t shown very well in any of the movies.

2 Robert zemeckis

Flash has been in development for years, and there have been so many directors who have come and gone on the project, but none were more suited for the job than Robert Zemeckis, who at one point was the favorite to direct.

Zemeckis would be a great Sparkle director, because he’s made so many great family action movies in the past, including the Back to the future movies. However, while there was never a reason why Zemeckis was ditched, the film is now being directed by Andres Muschietti.

1 Jason reitman

Long before the DCEU was a thing, and even before the Marvel Cinematic Universe was fully developed, Warner Bros. envisioned Jason Reitman doing a Justice League movie. The idea of ​​hiring Reitman to make a potential billion dollar film was not a bad choice, but an odd one, as the filmmaker is best known for making films on micro-budgets like Juno and Thank you for smoking.

In the end, Reitman stuck to his guns, as he’s always been passionate about independent films, and that’s exactly why he turned it down. However, something must have changed, since he is now leading the next Ghostbusters: the afterlife.

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