3 Cavs free agent wings could sign with MLE taxpayer

Pat Connaughton, Milwaukee Bucks. Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Cleveland Cavaliers are coming off a period of roster rebuilding, with lost seasons producing high lottery picks. Their forays to the top of the draft have earned them several long-term building blocks and laid the foundation for the Cavs’ next great team.

What they never did, however, was lower the salary threshold for the roster. Beginning with Kevin Love’s lucrative contract extension, the Cavs continued to operate with full volume of business, never entering an offseason with any real form of cap space or the ability to take a salary in exchange for a capital project, a common decision to rebuild the teams.

The Cavs will be looking for value-priced players to add to their rotation. Which three wings could they sign using the Taxpayer MLE?

That reality continues this summer, as Love enters the final year of his contract and players such as Jarrett Allen, Caris LeVert and Lauri Markkanen all have big contracts. As such, they are already at the salary cap, even before counting a new contract for Collin Sexton and whether or not they will bring back players such as Moses Brown or Rajon Rondo.

While the Cavs will be looking to add talent through the NBA draft and through trade, they’ll have to be careful when signing new talent. Depending on what happens with Sexton’s contract, the Cavs may be limited to the smallest “taxpayer mid-level exception” in free agency, which starts at $6.3 million.

If so, the Cavs will likely need to add at least one wing in free agency and will need to do so at a bargain price. Fortunately, there are almost always a few “cheap” candidates on the market for the right teams to get started on; what wings should the Cavs consider giving the MLE taxpayer?

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