Asension Wins Space Sensor Deal With Australian Government

The Australian government has signed a $4.35 million contract with a veteran-owned South Australian company, Asension, to supply a space-based tactical sensor system for use by Defence. The contract, awarded through the Defense Innovation Hub, demonstrates the government’s commitment to working with the defense industry and leveraging the ingenuity that resides across Australia to deliver a capability advantage to defence. .

Defense Industry Minister Pat Conroy, who visited Asension’s headquarters in Adelaide on August 19, said sovereign space capabilities are essential for the future of defence. “The government’s partnership with small, innovative companies such as Asension will be key to developing a robust, resilient and innovative industrial base for space technologies in Australia,” said Conroy. “Under this contract, Asension will continue the development of a space-based sovereign tactical sensor system. If successful, this technology will improve the Australian Defense Force’s (ADF) capability in the space domain through improved situational awareness and visibility.

The contract follows Asension’s success in maturing its sensor technology through a previous Hub contract awarded in 2020. This latest investment will continue the strong collaboration with ADF to advance the development of a tactical sensor that will be at the cutting edge of technology. “This investment will help build Australia’s sovereign space industry and its skilled workforce,” Conroy said.

Asension CEO Ian Spencer said the contract was an exciting opportunity for the small company to grow its workforce and advance an important Defense space capability. “This contract has been critical to the successful development of this capability to date and has allowed Asension to grow as a business.”

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