Australian of the Year Grace Tame slams government commitment to sexism in Q + A


Australian of the Year Grace Tame took to Q + A, stunning the panel with a pointed question to Scott Morrison.

Australian of the Year Grace Tame asked Prime Minister Scott Morrison a scathing question during a powerful appearance on Q + A.

The panel – which also included Women’s Security Minister Anne Ruston, Shadow Foreign Minister Penny Wong, Australian Indigenous Studies professor Marcia Langton and Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw – largely focused on the safety of women and children, and Ms Tame kicked off her discussion by denouncing her treatment by the police after reporting her own rape and sexual abuse.

“My own experience when I reported the pedophile to the police 11 years ago, I had to give a statement in a room to a man,” she said.

“And there was clearly a lack of information about trauma in his training because there are a lot of cases of rape that I had to describe in my experience, and every time I said, ‘And he raped me “, I had to qualify that and I had to stop and he was like,” So you mean he put his penis in your vagina? And I should say it every time. ”

“I was constantly interrupted. And also, throughout the process beyond that, beyond dealing with the police, it was an experience of feeling like the symmetries of power mimicked the experience I had in trauma to him. -same.

However, the discussion took a fiery turn following a question from a viewer about the Gaetjens investigation of who in the Prime Minister’s Office was aware of the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins, who was suspended.

The viewer asked if an upcoming women’s summit was “yet another delay tactic based on our prime minister’s spin”.

Women’s Safety Minister Anne Ruston intervened, saying the government was “absolutely serious about making sure this national safety summit is able to bring together the culmination of all consultations around getting information for the next national plan, because as a government I can absolutely promise that we are serious about changing the dial ”.

But that didn’t seem to suit Ms Tame well, who hit back with a pointed question to the prime minister.

“I just have one question. How can this government seriously claim to care about the safety of women and the safety of children when it will not even be responsible and will not quickly and directly address the issue of sexism in its own ranks? “

Senator Wong also intervened, saying that she believed that the blocking of the Gaetjens investigation “goes to the sincerity of the Prime Minister”.

“Instead of the government showing up and trying to deal with this issue honestly and openly, we had a flurry of investigations, one of which saved Mr. Morrison from having to ask his own staff what they were doing. knew, ”she said.

“And I don’t think that meets the kinds of standards that… the Australian people want.”

Mr. Kershaw also gave a police perspective on the matter.

“We were very keen to make sure that the police investigation, there was no problematic intersection or attempted interference. And we were able to compile this evidence package, ”he said.

“He is now entering a phase of pursuit who is the director of the DPP at ACT. And that’s about him and his advice. So we’re able to complete this investigation the way we wanted to be able to do. “

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