COSL to auction overdue land on September 2


The state Lands Commissioner will auction around 80 tax-overdue plots next month in the Wilson Lake Road area near the Lakeside Country Golf Course.

Benton-based owner Stephens-Baker Development was denied a sewer extension that would have served some of the undeveloped lots in 2016, when the Town of Hot’s utility connection and extension policy Springs has limited access to utilities in the unincorporated area of ​​its 145-square-mile service area.

The lots are outside the city limits, but inside the city planning area, lots up to 1 mile beyond the company limits are subject to the subdivision code from the city.

The new policy that took effect in April lifted those restrictions, the product of an interlocal agreement that the City and County of Garland ratified earlier this year, giving the unincorporated area equal access to connections. and extensions in exchange for the county giving the city a per capita share of the growth in revenue generated by the 0.50% sales tax that the county levies in support of its general funds and solid waste management.

The lots could have been served by the main that runs down Wilson Lake Road, but the city’s utility code will not grant a water connection unless a sewage system is in place. already in place.

The 80 plots will be auctioned on September 2 at the Hot Springs Convention Center during the Land Commissioner’s annual public auction of outstanding land in Garland County. Over 450 packages are on the auction list. They can be found on the Land Commissioner’s website,

According to a statement from the land commissioner’s office released last week, the auction will take place at 10:00 am in rooms 102 and 103. Registration begins at 9:30 am.

“As we were unable to hold a public auction in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic, we are auctioning properties that were scheduled to be sold last year,” State Land Commissioner Tommy said. Land in the press release. “These are properties whose taxes have been overdue since 2015.”

Land said his office will auction properties for two years at next year’s auction.

“It will catch up with us, so that we are aware of all sales,” he said.

Properties become in default when two years of property taxes are due. County tax collectors are trying to collect amounts owed for another two years before returning the overdue properties to the land commissioner. Title to overdue properties sold at auction is not guaranteed by the land commissioner’s office, as owners have 10 business days to redeem properties after they are auctioned.

The land commissioner’s office said Monday that $ 258,126.50 in property taxes is owed on the more than 450 plots. According to the auction catalog, this amount includes over $ 28,000 owed on the 80 parcels in the Wilson Lake Road area.

Property taxes primarily support local school districts. National Park College and the Garland County Library also benefit, as the Quorum Court takes small thousands of dollars on their behalf. The 2020 property and personal taxes are due in October.

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