Democrats focus on turning tax rhetoric into action


WASHINGTON – Democrats face a daunting task: Turning years of talk about raising taxes for corporations and high-income Americans into legislation that can pass very slim majorities in Congress and on President Biden’s desk .

As the Leading Democrats craft a roughly $ 1 trillion infrastructure deal and a broader second poverty program in the coming months, they must resolve disputes over how much to spend, how much to pay and the tax increases proposed by Mr. Biden. advanced. After meeting with senior administration officials on Thursday, congressional tax committee chairs said lawmakers would make those decisions in the coming weeks.

“We’re going to build the plan, figure out what people want, what they’re willing to pay for, but also not be discouraged,” said House Ways and Means President Richard Neal (D., Mass.) , an interview on Friday. “There is that moment when we talk about the achievements of the Great Society and we talk about the achievements of the New Deal. That’s it.”

Democrats have raised taxes each of the last two times they have controlled the government – in 1993 and 2010 – after deadly political battles that drew objections from moderates within the party.

Today, some Democrats are convinced that tax policy has changed and that public concerns about inequality and corporate tax evasion make the problem less toxic. The objective: to approach the tax levels of the 90s, as a percentage of the economy, without canceling the tax cuts for the middle class adopted since then or increasing taxes directly on households earning less than $ 400,000, a level that covers all Americans except 2%.

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