Disgraced singer Shakira ‘HEARTBROKEN’ after ex Gerard Pique pictured kissing with Clara Chía amid tax evasion scandal in Spain

Shakira 'Heartbroken' after ex Gerard Pique was pictured dating Clara Chía

Shakira would have been heartbroken after photos of his ex Gerard pricks go forward.

Shakira ‘Heartbroken’ after ex Gerard Pique was pictured dating Clara Chía

The couple initially split after claiming Gerard had been unfaithful. And since he was then seen kissing with the model Clara Chía, it did not suit Shakira.

The two apparently attended a Dani Martin concert in Spain, because they were very intimate with each other. And since Gerard moved on so quickly, despite the couple having children together, it had an impact on Shakira.

A source said: “[She] has a broken heart. She is happy to have her children to lean on because it is a difficult time for her. Things weren’t helped by Shakira’s financial troubles either.

She was involved in a tax scandal, accused of committing fraud without paying the required levels of tax.

And with an investigation currently underway to determine if she’s going to have anything to answer, it’s understandable that things are starting to overwhelm her.

This is precisely what has started to happen, as reports indicate that the custody arrangement between them has turned ugly.

another spring declared: “She just wants the best for the kids and tries to keep them from hearing and seeing all the negative things in the news about her.”

Fans on social media resonated with Shakira dejected. After all, she had given so much to the relationship and raised children in the process that must have had a detrimental impact on her now that the relationship was over.

A person wrote: The fans are heartbroken for you. I wish you could break the silence. Hopefully in the future Shakira can move on.

After all, Gerard has already done it with his life. So there you go, folks. What did you think of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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