Editorial October 28, 2022

Welcome to this week’s editorial,

Like many across this vast country, I was interested in delivering the national budget. We had already been warned that this would not be good news and that the road ahead would be strewn with pitfalls. We were told that things were going to get worse before we saw any improvement and that the average salary was generally not going to cover the rising cost of living. Dark news. But it wasn’t all dark clouds. Although we as a country are quite indebted, it is clear that our economy is still receiving a reasonable income from our exports to meet the demands of lenders. Alas, our coal and gas are tied to these export values ​​because we were too stupid to make sure there was a requirement that a separate domestic price be enacted. And we are paying the price with inflated energy costs by buying our own coal and gas at the best price as we compete with international demands. Currently, Australia is present on the world stage through sports. Rugby, rugby league, football and netball. Before most of these matches, our teams stand tall and proud and say the words to our national anthem.

Aussies, let’s all rejoice
‘Cause we’re one and free
We have golden soil and wealth for toil
Our house is surrounded by the sea
Our land is full of nature’s gifts
Beautiful, rich and rare
In the story page, let each step
Advance Australia Lounge

We openly tell the world that we have golden soil and riches for toil and that our land is full of gifts of beauty, rich and rare. But we fail to mention that most of this rich and scarce wealth for labor is exported by mostly international companies and earns very little, if any, tax. For them, Australia is nothing more than “Dirt by sea”. I am very much of the view that the tax system, the plunder, the lack of oversight and accountability, and the failure to justly contribute to the Australian people by those who suck our so called rich and scarce natural gifts do NOT advance Australia fairly. So I watched the budget unfold and celebrated initiatives that would provide cheaper child care, build 20,000 affordable homes, provide $1.4 billion for new and changed drug benefit plan enrollments. . I celebrated initiatives to remove the draconian constraints placed on older people who wanted to do more in the community but were unable to be limited by how much they could earn before being taxed. I was pleased to learn that the 2022 Budget provides “significant” funding for the ATO’s Tax Avoidance Task Force to combat tax evasion by multinationals, individuals and the underground economy , which will bring in about $4.7 billion over four years. But most of all I appreciated that we could actually embrace the thousands and thousands of new Australians who live here, work here and dream of one day being allowed to be real Australians rather than being residents without visa living in uncertainty in a country that does not recognize their contribution, their commitment and their love of their new home. So maybe, just maybe, fingers crossed, the budget might get us back to a place that we can recognize as Fairand a country that actually stands behind the words of its anthem.

For those who have crossed the seas
We have unlimited plains to share;
With courage, let us all unite
Advancing Australia Fair.

And maybe…. just maybe, if we all stick together and everyone is allowed to do their fair share…..in happy stumps, so let’s sing, Advance Australia Fair.

Until the next—lei

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