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SYDNEY: Senior students enrolled at the mainstream school, Galstaun College, are taking part in the Galstaun Government of Australia’s Armenian National Committee program over the next three weeks, which is part of proposed #ANCAUOutreach initiatives to initiate young Armenian-Australians to politics.

The programme, first launched in 2018, aims to engage young Armenian-Australians in politics, provide them with a better understanding of the Australian political system and highlight the significant impact of politics on the daily lives of Australians. Australian citizens, through hands-on workshops.

The program includes mock parliamentary debates on contemporary issues, mock federal elections including a leaders’ debate and campaign, media role-playing and more.

Galstaun’s government has returned after a two-year hiatus imposed by COVID-19 and includes weekly workshops throughout June, guided by ANC-AU Director of Political Affairs Michael Kolokossian and aides administrative office of the advanced public affairs organization of the Armenia-Australian community.

In their first session, Year 8 was divided into two major parties and several minor parties, which they nominated themselves, democratically elected their respective leaders and deputy leaders, and formulated their parties’ key policy issues.

Over the coming week, students will take part in a mock parliamentary debate and discuss the question “Should Galstaun College introduce a four-day school week?”. The format will give students an idea of ​​how motions are debated and passed in the Australian House of Representatives.

To reflect the most recent results of Australia’s 2022 federal election, the ANC-AU has brought minor parties and independents into the mix, who will ultimately play an important role in determining the direction in which the debate will be oriented.

The Galstaun government program is also organized for 9th and 10th graders, who also formed and named two political parties, elected their party leaders and deputy leaders themselves.

Each political party has a team of researchers who formulate key policies they deem important to College students and activists who will be responsible for promoting each political party’s agenda ahead of a major leaders’ debate and election in front of the cohort of college high schools.

The Armenian National Committee of Australia thanked the Principal of Galstaun College, Mr. Edward Demirjian, for facilitating the success of this unique program.

“We are delighted to be back at Galstaun College. The students were extremely engaged and enthusiastically participated in the first workshop of the Galstaun Government program and we look forward to the next stages of the program,” said ANC-AU Political Affairs Director Michael Kolokossian.

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