Granath v Wright: 2022 Satoshi trial begins in Norway

The Granath v. Wright lawsuit has begun in Norway, as Magnus “Hodlonaut” Granath attempts to convince the Oslo District Court that his Twitter outburst against Dr. Craig Wright did not constitute unlawful defamation.

It was an unusual moment: After years of impersonal conflict, from nasty social media jabs to legal warnings to a lengthy trial introduction, Dr. Wright finally sat down across from his accuser who until now was best known as a mal-mouthed cat in a space suit. Under Hodlonaut’s grip, Granath called Dr. Wright a “mentally ill”, a “fraud”, a “con man” and more.

The attacks obviously stopped (and the tweets were deleted) once Dr Wright threatened legal action in the UK if they were not deleted and Granath did not recant, but in their place arose a movement of support for Granath among the BTC crowd, which invited a new wave of attacks on Dr. Wright. This includes the delisting of BSV among digital currency exchanges in a quasi-express response to Dr. Wright’s conflict with Granath. Throughout this time, Granath himself has managed to maintain near total anonymity – until today, when Magnus Granath will finally have to stand by his statements in court.

“A judgment in this case will not establish beyond a reasonable doubt whether Dr. Wright is Satoshi. Whether or not Dr. Wright is Satoshi will support the case, however,” the judge said in her opening remarks.

Indeed, due to the nature of Granath’s insults, the question of how Dr. Wright came to be known as Satoshi Nakamoto will be central throughout the trial. But this is not the most important.

Beyond that, the Granath team had the microphone all day as they delivered their opening arguments, essentially summarizing the case on which they would rely throughout the trial.

Granath must convince the court that his tweets did not have a defamatory meaning (although the parties seem to largely agree that they were) or alternatively, that they were not illegal or otherwise justified. As a result, most of its airtime was spent telling their story about Dr. Wright’s claim to Satoshi Nakamoto’s name.

By Granath lawyers, Dr Wright adopted the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto in order to evade a tax investigation in Australia, which only concerns Bitcoin insofar as Dr Wright used it to justify tax positions erroneous. From there they say he lied and worked his way up in order to justify that first lie.

There is of course much more to the story of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) – Dr. Wright testified under oath in Kleiman v. Wright that he has been the victim of relentless pursuit by the ATO since he created bitcoin either because they didn’t understand it or because they were deeply hostile to the idea of ​​digital currency. This is supported by the fact that the day after Dr. Wright was unwittingly revealed to be Satoshi by WIRED and Gizmodothe ATO raided his home in Australia – a curious move if their interest in Dr Wright was simply due to a poor tax return.

The lawyers also read a long list of Dr. Wright’s tweets, many of which are just as rude as Hodlonaut’s (perhaps a little more). The intended effect was to show that Granath’s attacks on Dr. Wright were not outside the normal level of discourse exemplified by Dr. Wright himself – although it is worth mentioning here that the fact of anonymously calling someone a mentally ill con man is quite different than using colorful Australian slang. denounce someone. It should also be mentioned that Granath launched a campaign inviting others to attack Dr. Wright in addition to himself, and did so from the anonymity of his Hodlonaut profile.

These are undoubtedly points that Dr. Wright’s attorneys will pick up on when they begin their own opening statements tomorrow. CoinGeek will cover the rest of the trial live from the courtroom.

The trial is scheduled to end on Thursday, September 22. CoinGeek will provide daily live coverage of the trial in Oslo.

Watch Granath vs Wright Satoshi Norway Live Trial Coverage Day 1:

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