Greenwich threatens minority Perrottet government

Imagine a government that falls because its leader dared to say that girls should play sports against girls.

You might not have to imagine it if New South Wales Independent MP for Sydney Alex Greenwich gets his way.

The Liberal Party has 45 votes in the NSW Parliament where 47 are needed for a majority. Greenwich is one of two independent MPs whose support the Liberals are counting on.

Perrottet was scared on Thursday when Greenwich warned he would withdraw support for the government if the premier’s rhetoric on children’s sport continued.

A second independent, Greg Piper, said he was “appalled” by the Prime Minister’s statements and, according to the Sydney Morning Heraldreconsidered its support for the government.

So what appalling rhetoric that threatens to bring down a government was that, you ask?

Here is what the Prime Minister, a Catholic father of six, said:

“I agree with most fair-minded Australians that girls and women should be free to play sport against girls and women, especially where there might otherwise be an unfair advantage – that’s is a matter of fairness and physiology,” Perrottet said.

“The right thing to do is take the concerns of women and girls seriously, not shut them down, and if that means looking at appropriate protections for women-only sports, let’s have the conversation.”

Should girls play against girls in sports where boys have an unfair advantage? Appalling!

Should women be able to voice their concerns without being overruled? Down with the Prime Minister!

Greenwich, a former LGBTQ+ activist, was predictably outraged, as activists should be.

He told the Sydney Morning Herald:

I have had a very cooperative working relationship with the minority Perrottet government, but it would be impossible for that to continue if trans youth continue to be harassed by the Prime Minister. Equitable people do not want vulnerable children to be bullied by political leaders.

I don’t know where Greenwich got the idea that he speaks on behalf of “righteous people.” Then again, when you believe that men can become women just by thinking about it, I guess everything else becomes possible.

Meanwhile, Piper said the Prime Minister had “an obligation to have considered views that do not harm vulnerable communities”.

It is assumed that Piper would volunteer to brief the Prime Minister on what opinions he might safely hold.

And then came the emotional blackmail.

Greenwich warned it was “damaging for transgender people to listen to politicians suddenly say they are a threat to sport and should be banned”.

On Friday morning, Greenwich renewed its threats against the Perrottet government, telling Patricia Karvelas on breakfast radio: “Well, I’ve always been transparent with the government and that’s that any attack on the LGBTQI community and me can no longer have a cooperative relationship with them. What I have faced in the past two days is trans kids asking their parents if they can play sports, or is the Prime Minister does not want it?

He then said he had heard calls from the trans community with ‘increased trauma’.

Greenwich is now questioning whether or not he will go through with the offer if the Prime Minister sticks with his demands that boys play boys and girls play girls in sport. “I want them to leave trans people alone.” When pressed for fairness, he defers to the codes of sport. “But I would just like to remind people of the benefits of sport for everyone.”

If Greenwich listened to women, he would know that this is not a “sudden affirmation.” Women have been warning about this for years.

Greenwich says the very idea that girls should be playing against girls in sports where men have an unfair physical advantage harms the mental health of male “women”.

What about the damage to women’s mental health when they find out they have no chance of winning gold in their chosen sport because it’s dominated by a ‘woman’ male?

And what about the damage to women’s physical health when they line up on a football pitch in front of male “women”?

Greenwich continued:

The rhetoric further adds to the already high level of stigma and discrimination that has led to high rates of suicide among trans people, especially trans youth.

And There you go. The “people are going to kill themselves if you don’t do what we say” argument.

Tell me who is transphobic…

Is it the Prime Minister saying that we should be able to discuss what is fair in sport?

Or is it the independent MP who says that transgender people are so fragile that they will start killing themselves if there is even a conversation about what is fair in sport?

Greenwich continues:

The government should encourage everyone, including transgender and gender-diverse people, to participate in sport.

Someone needs to tell the MP for Sydney that it is precisely because the government wants to encourage participation in sport that it is so concerned about the dominance of male ‘women’ over female sport.

Nothing would discourage women’s participation in sport more than knowing that they were up against male ‘women’.

If Greenwich is concerned about sport participation and equity, then it should recommend that a transgender Olympics be added to the Olympics and Paralympics.

Men compete with men. Women compete with women. Transgender people compete with transgender people. Most decent people would be happy with that.

But this whole transgender argument isn’t about sports, and it’s not about fairness, and it’s not about saving lives.

It’s a question of power. It is a tiny part of the community that redefines women, sports, institutions and even our language.

Greenwich reportedly wrote a letter to the Prime Minister asking for an urgent meeting ‘to discuss how to undo the damage caused by recent comments’.

I suspect for every Greenwich there will be 10,000 women asking for an urgent meeting to discuss how to protect women’s sport.

The battle lines have been drawn.

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