Hunting subsidized by taxpayers



Duck season is coming to an end and tax time is approaching. Victorians rarely make the connection between the two, but we should.

As an urban taxpayer, I question the fairness of the duck shooters backed by our hard earned dollars.

Hunting license fees are a drop in the bucket of government support for hunting.

The Game Management Authority is now embarking on helicopter surveys to count ducks, computer modeling to predict duck movements, studies of shrapnel on injured ducks and toxicity testing of duck meat.

Locally, this taxpayer generosity ensures that the owner of an outdoor store is proud of the season (“Hunters are enjoying the season despite the lockdown”, Country News, June 16).

But how are things done at local fashion retailers, gift shops, cafes, hardware vendors, etc. ?

The Waranga Caravan Park says it got a zipper for the filming season. There is no taxpayer subsidy to keep customers coming back to these businesses.

There is no government agency like GMA to constantly promote them.

Where are the level playing fields? Considering that 98% of duck shooters are male, where is the gender balance? It is time for us to have government support for women friendly activities.

Regional businesses would fare much better with subsidized shopping sprees.

Chris roberts



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