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Jersey Shore Borough Council approved a request from West Pharmaceutical Services to seek tax relief at its recent monthly meeting.

LERTA, or Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance, offers seven-year tax rebates to companies looking to expand their operations to incentivize the redevelopment of aging or deteriorating properties.

Under the LERTA agreement, West would be exempt from paying full tax for the first two years of the agreement and abatements for the next five years.

Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce President Jason Fink said West is considering expanding operations to the Jersey Shore with plans to create an additional 125 jobs.

“It’s really good for the community” Jersey Shore Borough Superintendent Cody Hoover said.

Fink noted that West has already accumulated properties in the area around the 300 block of Oliver Street, including the Wheeland Center.

“He’s a good employer” says Fink.

The council then agreed to begin the process of freeing West Alley.

West is looking to take back the borough lane.

Council Chairman Sean Simcox expressed concern that the borough is giving up the driveway to a private company when at least one private landowner uses it to access it.

Hoover noted that a public hearing will be held before the case is finalized.

Council voted to hire Enviro Truck to do an environmental study for the Civil Service building project at a cost of $12,500.

Enviro Truck’s bid was the lowest of the three for the work required to obtain a $500,000 grant for the entire project.

The council passed a resolution requesting a $1 million state grant to replace four traffic lights in the borough.

Council heard from a Front Street resident concerned about a neighbor violating the borough’s fire ordinance.

He told the council that the neighbor was burning at all hours of the day and not watching his fires.

Simcox said the board would look into the matter.

In personal action, the council accepted the resignation of Jim Douty as Zoning and Codes Officer.

Douty, who steps down on July 1, has held the position for nine years.

Council approved a request from Geisinger Hospital in Jersey Shore to place a temporary generator on the sidewalk behind the facility.

A gambling license was granted to the Jersey Shore Historical Society for a one-day event.

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