King Charles faces awkward moment as taxpayer confronts him over rising UK cost of living

In the aftermath of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, the crown passed to her heir. Although Charles automatically became king after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, organizing his coronation could take weeks or even months. However, the former Prince of Wales and now newly appointed monarch, King Charles’ interaction with a crowd took an unexpected turn on Friday when an angry British taxpayer confronted the monarch with a question regarding the financial burden the taxpayers must bear to be able to attend “his parade”.

The incident is believed to have happened in Cardiff, where Britain’s new monarch, King Charles III, was waving to the public outside Cardiff Castle. In the video, the royal can be seen smiling and shaking hands with people in the crowd, as a bearded man is seen shouting at the king: “While we struggle to heat our homes, we have to pay for your parade. The taxpayer pays £100m for you and why?” “You are not my king!” he said.

King Charles can be seen briefly turning towards the man, but soon a security official steps between the two as the Royal rushes forward. The monarch did not respond to the man’s accusation and confrontation as he silently turned away. The video was posted on social media platform Reddit with a caption, “Charles heckled today… heckler will soon be gone.”

Although it is not the first time the King has faced public outcry, he witnessed a similar incident when he arrived at the cathedral on Friday. A video that went viral on Twitter showed people booing the new king and his queen consort as they arrived at the cathedral.

Almost a quarter of UK adults plan to keep warm this winter: survey finds

One in four adults in Britain will not turn on the heating at all this winter amid soaring energy prices. According to a UK government survey, over 2,000 UK adults found that nearly 23% would go without heating during the winter. Reportedly, the figure was even higher for parents with children under 18. 27% said they would have to leave radiators cold.

“Families and pensioners across the country are making heartbreaking decisions because the government has failed to save them,” Christine Jardine, the Cabinet Office’s Lib Dem spokeswoman, remarked after the results of the election were announced. ‘investigation.

It must be mentioned that a large part of the royal family’s fortune comes from taxpayers’ money in the form of a “sovereign grant”, a payment given by the British Treasury to the royal household. The family would use the grant for official royal duties, such as payroll, visitation and housekeeping.

Experts think Prince William could be a better king than Charles

Sharing their opinion with The Guardian, several top correspondents who have covered the royal family for ages and observed each member minutely, felt that Prince William had better potential to connect, especially with the younger generation and would perform of his duties more responsibly than his father. Correspondents called William a more financially responsible person and said his approach to dealing with any predicament was much better than that of the new 73-year-old monarch. “There have been quite a few question marks about how Charles’ charities work and where the money comes from. I think William is less likely to take people easily who say, ‘Oh, it’s fine, sir, no, leave it with me, it’ll be fine,” Nicholas Owen, former ITN royal correspondent, told the UK-based publication.

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