Lockheed and Northrop shortlisted for Australian air combat management system


MELBOURNE, Australia – The Australian government has selected Lockheed Martin Australia and Northrop Grumman Australia to advance to the next round of its fifth-generation Joint Air Battle Management System (JBAM) competition, which will deliver below A $ 2.7 billion (US $ 1.99 billion) Air 6500 Phase 1 Project.

Defense Minister Peter Dutton and Defense Industry Minister Melissa Price made the joint announcement on August 5, marking the official start of the second phase of the competitive assessment process (CEPS2) to select a partner strategic to oversee the design, development and delivery of the JBAMS System.

“Defense found that the selected companies had the best understanding of their capability requirements, as well as a strong commitment to developing the capabilities of Australian industry,” Price said in a statement. “I look forward to seeing the advanced technical solutions and prototypes that will be developed as these companies refine their final offering for the Joint Air Combat Management System. “

The two successful companies, as well as Boeing Defense Australia and Raytheon Australia, were selected as part of a first stage of the CEPS program in 2016. According to the ministers, Boeing and Raytheon will continue to be involved in the development of JBAMs and to support the Australian. Future Integrated Missile Defense and Air Defense (IAMD) capability of the Defense Force.

JBAMS will form the base architecture of the IAMD capability and provide better situational awareness and better defense against increasingly sophisticated threats.

Another program, Air 6502 Phase 1 (Medium Range Ground Air Defense Capability), will provide command and control systems, radars and missile launchers.

Both projects will be closely integrated with the Australian Army’s Land 19 Phase 7B (Short Range Ground Based Air Defense) program, for which Raytheon Australia was selected as prime contractor in March 2019.

“Today’s announcement marks the next step for Air 6500/1 to work in partnership with the Australian Defense Force and industry partners to support the Royal Australian Air Force’s vision to transform into a next generation force, providing sovereign and highly advanced JABM. system to protect Australia’s security, ”said Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Joe North.

“We look forward to working with Australian industry and RAAF to advance the solution under CEPS2. “

Northrop Grumman Asia-Pacific Managing Director Christine Zeitz also highlighted the importance of developing Australian Industrial Capacity (AIC) in the development of a sovereign IAMD system.

“We will use a highly collaborative ‘JABMS Enterprise’ approach that will bring together capabilities developed by the Australian defense industry, including active and passive sensors, intelligent agents, data fusion and processing, through a solution architecture flexible, open, modular and secure. and adaptable by design, ”said Zeitz.

The Australian government will announce the chosen strategic partner for the JABMS system at the end of 2023.

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