Mew and Company offers small business tax filing in Vancouver

Vancouver’s professional chartered accountants can help small businesses catch up on tax filing

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Vancouver, BC – (ReleaseWire) – 07/20/2022 – Tax time can be tough for small business owners who wear so many hats. Marriage breakdowns, family emergencies and mental health issues are just a few of the reasons small business owners can fall behind during tax time. For those who need help catching up and filing on time, Mew and Company’s Chartered Professional Accountants are ready to help. For more information, visit

Working with a Chartered Professional Accountant can make remediation more manageable. From finding slips and reconciling information to discussing tax planning strategies, working with an accountant makes the small business tax filing process quicker and easier.

Independent businesses
For self-employed taxpayers, Mew and Company has a tax advisor who can help organize financial information.

Reading and following CRA guidelines can be a daunting task for people already overwhelmed by the number of receipts on hand. A tax organizer can help independent filers understand what needs to be passed on to their tax advisor, what deductions to consider under the Income Tax Act of Canada, and how to assemble and categorize all tax expenses. company.

For small business owners and the self-employed, Mew and Company’s tax professionals are a resource that can provide a better understanding of Canadian tax laws and help avoid late filing penalties.

While getting caught up isn’t necessarily painless, the team at Mew and Company can simplify the tax filing process, as small business owners and the self-employed have other things to do with their time. To get started, call 604-688-9198 or contact us through the company’s contact form.

About Mew + Company
Mew + Company, Vancouver, is an ideal solution to the tax problem. With a simple philosophy of building lasting relationships with its customers, the company serves corporate clients in a variety of fields, including food service, real estate, retail and the service industry. Investing in their specialized services will undoubtedly pay off for all types of clients.

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