NC cuts corporate taxes but pushes taxpayers to pay more


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Senate Leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore release details of North Carolina’s proposed state budget during a press briefing at the North Carolina General Assembly on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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NC budget

Regarding the July 20 op-ed on CNBC ranking North Carolina as the top state for business in 2022… Although the arrival of new businesses and industries in North Carolina brings more jobs and economic development, no one seems to remember that until a few years ago, residents of North Carolina did not have to pay sales tax on services and labor. The typical state income tax rate was 7% and no sales tax on services. Now we pay sales tax on services at a rate of 7.25% in addition to NC income tax currently at 5.25%.

So while the Legislature cuts business rates to zero, we consumers pick up the slack by paying more sales taxes. It would be interesting to see how much money the service sales tax has added to the corporate income tax reduction.

David Morris, Davidson

Transparent backpacks

Why all the fuss about transparent backpacks for Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools? In my opinion, it’s “much ado about nothing” and we the taxpayers are going to foot the bill for this latest CMS fiasco.

Does anyone not realize that for these backpacks to be a hazard to our children, they would have to ingest or inhale the transparent materials – a good portion over a long period of time? Students would be in more danger from a weapon hidden in any cloth backpack.

I can’t believe the CMS folks backtracked on the decision to use these backpacks. It makes no sense to me.

Donald PhilipsCharlotte

Biden and the climate

President Biden has refrained from declaring a climate emergency in response to recent extreme temperatures. Declaring an official emergency would be pure green politics and an executive power grab that would push us deeper into a recession and further prevent fossil fuel energy from saving Americans from high gas, natural gas, oil prices. and transport.

Climate change is real and we need to gradually restore our natural world, but the 2022 heat wave is similar to the record-breaking heat waves of 1936 and 2021. A climate emergency declaration by Biden would have crippled the economy.

Borden MacMillanCharlotte

Senator Manchin

Let’s give Senator Joe Manchin a lump of coal. He refuses to support new spending for climate measures, in the name of the particular interest he represents. It’s not unlike now-deceased senators Jesse Helms and John East who supported the tobacco industry. These senators preferred the dollar to the country even if the object of their financial protections are/were doomed industries. In both cases, they mortgaged the well-being of their constituents to protect obsolete assets.

George Garcia, Rolesville

Demonstration against abortion

I am so proud of my congresswoman, Alma Adams, who made headlines on July 20 for her arrest outside the United States Capitol during an abortion rights protest.

Adams was one of 17 members of Congress arrested for “overcrowding, obstruction, or inconvenience.” Inconvenient means “to disturb” or “to make uncomfortable”.

How terribly sad that we women have ’embarrassed’ or made some people ‘uncomfortable’ by protesting a United States Supreme Court decision that will cost the lives of many women and us all our dignity. We have been branded as second-class citizens with no constitutional protection over our right to control our own reproductive choices.

I hope many more women – and men – will engage in ‘housing’ as we fight to maintain and reclaim everyone’s right to plan their families without the government in our bedrooms or medical practices. .

Amy LefkofCharlotte

Secret Service

Regarding “Secret Service Says They’re Looking For Lost January 6 Texts” (July 20) and Related Articles:

It’s time for the “Reagan/Air Traffic Controllers movement” – get rid of all Secret Service and Secret Service agents as a separate entity. Think of the money we taxpayers would save if the Secret Service were a specialized wing of the FBI or the Armed Forces, both of which already have training and facilities in place.

The Secret Service had scandal after scandal. There has been little to no accountability for their bad behavior for years. It’s time.

Suzanne ForbesCharlotte

CMPD Service

On “customer service policing is having an impact, but it’s not an overnight solution,” says CMPD chief” (July 17):

Charlotte Police Chief Johnny Jennings said he wants his customer service initiative to make police interactions feel like Chick-fil-A. Well, the two Charlotte cops who came to my house when my husband died of a massive heart attack were 10 times better than Chick-fil-A. They were awesome.

Karen DavisCharlotte

Trump and UFOs

Regarding “Trump ‘fell under an evil influence’?” (Notice of July 17):

I should probably expect to find Loch Ness Nessie in our swimming pool or a UFO landing in my garden because I was more than halfway through Leonard Pitts’ op-ed on Donald Trump when I looked up. eyes, saw who the author was and was surprised that I agreed with every word he said – a rarer occurrence than either of the previous ones. Maybe I’ll buy a lottery ticket.

Tom Spencer, Waxhaw


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