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Queensland health officials have expressed frustration at the small number of people who have registered using the government app on the site at the center of the current fear of COVID.

The truck driver who tested positive traveled to Stylish Nails in Beenleigh Market on Monday, August 23, and authorities issued contact tracing alerts.

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath unfortunately said not everyone present at the time had registered using the app, meaning contact tracing efforts have been slowed down.

“There was one person during that time who checked in with the nail salon check-in app,” Ms. D’Ath said.

“But we do know there were at least eight clients there besides this gentleman and the child. And of course four employees.

“So we need people to come forward, because we can’t just trust the app registration data because people haven’t registered. ”

Ms. D’Ath reminded individuals and businesses that it is everyone’s responsibility to register wherever they go. CHO Dr Young said they were still able to contact Trace, but it was taking longer than necessary.

“I just hope we get everyone, so we worked very, very closely with the owner of the nail salon and looked at CCTV footage, we tried every way to find the people who attended. at this nail salon. It’s essential, ”she said.

“So everyone who was here this Monday morning, I need them to come forward.”

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