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A debate over federal government support for child care turned into a heated debate at a meeting of coalition MPs, where some were accused of filing complaints and trying to pit parents who work at home moms.

Nationals George Christensen and Matt Canavan and Liberal Senator Gerard Rennick spoke out against legislation to increase child care subsidies for families with more than one young child in care, wanting the government to provide instead more support for stay-at-home parents, several Coalition sources who were at the meeting said.

The policy in question is Education Minister Alan Tudge’s proposal to increase the subsidy for childcare for the second and subsequent children when a family has two or more children under the age of five taken into account. charge. The changes would also lift the annual cap on how much high-income families could receive.

Barnaby Joyce chats with fellow Nationals George Christensen during Question Time earlier this year.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

Mr Christensen’s contribution to Tuesday’s debate was described by a colleague as particularly provocative, suggesting that parents are outsourcing childcare to big companies.

This prompted National Senator Perin Davey to warn her colleagues to be careful with their language and make sure they respect all parents’ choices, whether it be to stay home or return to work.

Liberal MP Katie Allen, a pediatrician before entering Parliament, backed her, telling the meeting that they should not judge parents but rather encourage families to make the choices that are right for them.

Liberal Senator Hollie Hughes made a “dramatic entrance” into the debate, in what has been described by some as criticizing the men in the room for “explaining” how mothers should raise their children.

“Not all of us are able or willing to stay home with our three month old child watching BlueShe said at the meeting. Read the full story here.


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