Opinion: White Christian private schools shouldn’t get taxpayers’ money | Walter Rhine

Picture by Walter Rhein

A few months ago, I met with the superintendent of a local school district. I had considered going back to school and this district was eager to offer me a job.

We had an hour-long conversation over lunch. At one point, the superintendent said, “If people knew how much taxpayer money went to private schools, they would be furious.

When you look at the political landscape, the issue of public education funding is always on the ballot. Some candidates insist we are spending too much on education and they support plans to divert more taxpayers’ money from public schools.

In many cases, this money is embezzled under the guise of Christianity. This represents one of the main encroachments of white Christianity on our society and it has a huge negative impact on the lives of our children.

Freedom of religion means people can believe any religion they want, but religion cannot be a component of publicly funded programs.

It’s a perfectly reasonable and acceptable prospect in a country that has always welcomed immigrants and their diverse belief systems from around the world.

In most cases, everyone is prepared to abide by these rules. The only exception is found among white Christians.

It seems white Christians always want to break the rules. They changed the national currency. They inserted “under God” into the promise. They are constantly fighting to bring prayer into the schools. But perhaps their most malicious act is working to fund public schools through voucher programs.

Controlling education is one of the best ways to control population. If you keep people ignorant and illiterate, these people will remain oppressed throughout their lives.

At some point, American citizens must wake up and recognize the attacks on education for what they really are. Everyone is aware that we have malevolent forces at work in our society. Too often, the focus is on petty crimes such as burglary or vandalism.

Yes, we must pay attention to these crimes, but not at the expense of more malicious crimes.

There are other forms of crime that no one seems to care about. What about the crimes of powerful people who hold political office? What about the crimes of diverting money from underprivileged children to appease the insatiable hunger of the rich?

It’s not to appease the rich. This money is diverted to torment the poor.

We’re hyper-focused on people who commit crimes just to survive. We are indifferent to privileged people who act to intentionally exploit the vulnerable.

The system should be simple. If parents want a religious education for their children, they can choose to pay for a private school. They are free to make that choice.

But that’s not enough for white Christians. In addition to sending their children to private schools, they also try to divert public funds to their regions.

We’ve all seen the picture of US Marshals accompanying Ruby Bridges after the courts ruled segregation had to be stopped. However, like most things in America, this photo represents the beginning of the story, not the end.

It’s not like racists ever take anything. They don’t take deals. They don’t follow the rules. To this day, a significant part of our society is still fighting the civil war. They delusional insist that the South “did not lose”. Other prominent figures in modern society don’t have the decency to admit it when defeated by better men.

The response to desegregation was an increase in the establishment of private Christian schools. The purpose of these schools was to maintain segregation by making it financially impossible for black students to attend.

A lot of bad things can happen under the “right to religious freedom” argument.

Of course, many white Christian schools try to keep up appearances by offering occasional scholarships to a few underprivileged children. I’m sure some of them are legit and have good intentions. However, I am concerned that many children who receive these scholarships are not treated as well as students from wealthy families.

A colleague of mine worked as a family services facilitator in the local school district. She worked with non-English speaking students. Each year, one of the moms was approached by the local white Christian school and offered a place for the year.

My colleague always told them to reject the request, but the mothers did not listen.

After only a few weeks, the mothers came back and begged to take their children back to public school because they were not treated well in private school.

This happened every year and my colleague found it very frustrating.

It is also frustrating that this issue rarely receives media attention. White Christians become hostile, insulting, and sometimes even violent when you offer even polite criticism.

Recently, there has been a disturbing rise in Christian nationalism. Christians exert a stronger influence to create legislation based on morality. As a result, women must live in a society where they no longer have free access to potentially life-saving reproductive health care.

On top of that, white Christians are wielding their influence to establish programs that divert taxpayer dollars from public schools. In many cases, these programs actually take money from underprivileged children.

You need to think about this reality the next time a political candidate voices their intention to cut education funding. Remember that they always present their case in a way that seems reasonable.

They will say that they are worried about the budget or that spending needs to be cut or that they will talk about the rights of parents. All of these statements are designed to prevent the general public from recognizing what is happening.

Everyone should be able to agree that it is right for local taxpayers’ money to go to local schools.

The problem with many voucher programs is that they take money from local districts and send it to people who don’t need it. In some cases, these programs are designed to intentionally harm disadvantaged children.

It’s really unfortunate how Christianity has been turned into a weapon wielded against the poor in the United States. What is happening with the funding of white private Christian schools is contrary to the teachings of Christ.

Most people are too busy with the stresses and obligations of their daily lives to recognize that this is happening. Of course, this does not apply to all schools, but it is a trend. If your local white private Christian school receives funding in the form of taxpayers’ money, it means the money was likely diverted from another school.

Why can’t we live in a society that strives to provide a good education for all children? We don’t live in that society.

We live in a society that intentionally takes money from underprivileged children for the sole purpose of making life difficult for them. Christ wouldn’t approve of that.

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