Oscar-winning crime classic turns up the heat on streaming

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Despite having one of the least convincing Irish accents you’ll ever hear, Sean Connery deservedly won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor with what was arguably the best performance of a legendary career in Brian De Palma’s classic detective epic. The Incorruptibles.

The Scot wasn’t even famous for trying to cover up his instantly recognizable tones, and he even beat heavyweights Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington to land the coveted gong. Connery may have stolen the applause, but the film itself is rightly considered an all-time great gangster thriller, full of style and substance.

The Incorruptibles
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For all of De Palma’s signature flourishes and expertly staged action sequences, The Incorruptibles also has the benefit of an incredible ensemble cast firing on all cylinders across the board, with Connery joined by Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia and Robert De Niro, all of whom turn to perfectly suit the tone of the film. .

He may be 35, but that didn’t stop The Incorruptibles to find new life on streaming, where it’s turning all the guns on iTunes’ most-watched chart, according to FlixPatrol.

It’s a well-known story that’s been a fixture of American folklore for nearly a century, but it doesn’t make it any less exciting to watch an elite team of law enforcement officers bend the rules and make whatever it takes to bring Al Capone to justice, even if it’s tax evasion that ends up catching the crime kingpin.

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