Prime Minister of Tasmania – The Australian and Tasmanian Liberal governments are working together to invest in better access to healthcare

April 29, 2022

Jeremy Rockliff, Prime Minister

The Australian and Tasmanian Liberal Governments continue to work together to provide improved infrastructure and better service delivery, ensuring that future generations of Tasmanians can access care where and when they need it, regardless of where they live.

Over the past three years, the federal and state governments have worked hand-in-hand to continue our strong record of improving access to health care services and facilities, especially in areas regional and rural, for the benefit of all Tasmanians. This includes delivery of:

  • $12 million to improve access to health services for Tasmanians living in regional, rural and remote areas in the north and north-west of the state through TAZREACH and the Rapid Access Inreach Service Trial, which provides for the integration of existing health services by providing specialist support mainly to GP surgeries, district hospitals and community health centres;
  • A new $4.4 million linear accelerator for the North West Regional Hospital Cancer Center. The equipment was installed last month and will be fully operational in May 2022;
  • $3 million for four new mammography machines at BreastScreen’s Hobart and Launceston clinics to improve client comfort and experience and increase capacity. New machinery has recently been installed at both sites and final completion of the project is expected next month; and
  • $400,000 for two new soundproof delivery rooms at Launceston General Hospital. This project is finished.

We recognize the ongoing challenges to our healthcare system, with demand continuing to increase in a COVID-19 environment, which is why the close partnership between the Commonwealth and the State Government has delivered continued progress and strong results. .

Across Tasmania, we have improved service and ensured infrastructure projects are underway and on track, including:

  • $20 million for additional elective surgeries and endoscopy procedures so that more Tasmanians can receive their procedures within clinically recommended timelines. $9.2 million of this funding has already been spent, enabling 3,470 additional procedures to be completed in the past fiscal year;
  • $10 million to establish an eating disorder treatment centre. This project is on track with a development application filed earlier this year and day programs expected to begin in the North and Northwest later this year;
  • $4.5 million to improve perinatal and child mental health services in the North and North West, allowing the government to hire additional staff for Community Adult Mental Health Services and the Child Health Service and parental;
  • $1 million to make improvements to the West Coast District Hospital, including senior care and paramedical health facilities. Consultations have taken place with hospital staff and Council and construction is expected to start later this year;
  • $10 million to redevelop and expand the existing Kings Meadows Community Health Center with a proposed implementation program currently underway and scheduled for mid-2022; and
  • $10 million to improve acute medical facilities at North West Regional Hospital with a proposed implementation program currently underway and scheduled for mid-2022.

We continue to have positive conversations with our Federal counterparts and look forward to continuing to work together to provide more healthcare infrastructure that benefits all Tasmanians.

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