Rhode Island taxpayers will get $250 ‘stimulus checks’ next month

Another day, another state hands out stimulus checks: In August, Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee announced a new program to provide financial assistance to parents across the state. Rhode Island’s new Child Tax Rebate Stimulus Check Plan, part of the fiscal year 2023 budget, provides payments of $250 per child, with a limit of three children.

Yes, you guessed it: another stimulus check-style program.

That means families across the state struggling with rising costs for food, gas and consumer goods could receive up to $750 this year.

In a press release after Democratic Gov. Dan McKee signed the budget package in June, a statement from the governor described the plan as a “sensible and essential way to keep our economy growing.”

House Speaker K. Joseph Shekarchi also stressed the importance of providing relief, citing rising costs, and noted that the decision was widely supported by the state legislature.

“Bringing this tax credit and other relief into the budget was a collaborative effort by many people who have worked hard to find ways to provide Rhode Islanders with financial relief,” said said Shekarchi.

The checks will be sent out in a few weeks and come at a time when states across the country are finding ways to redistribute excess taxes or spend federal funding for the American Rescue Plan Act before it expires.

Recovery checks: who is eligible?

Legal residents of Rhode Island are eligible to receive the refunds if their adjusted federal gross income is $100,000 or less, when they are single or married and filing separately. This also applies to those filing taxes as head of household or eligible widow/widower.

Married individuals who file jointly with an adjusted federal gross income of $200,000 or less are also eligible for the program.

Residents must have children who were eighteen or younger as of December 31 of last year and must also be domiciled in the state. No other qualifications are required.

Unlike some states where rebates are given to the majority of recipients by direct deposit, each child tax rebate check will be delivered by check to the address listed on the residents’ 2021 personal income tax return. There is no need to request the checks as they will be issued automatically to eligible recipients.

Stimulus checking will begin next month

For anyone who filed their original tax return for 2021, or an amended return, by August 31 this year, the rebates will begin to be paid as early as October.

For those who file their taxes before the extended October 17 filing deadline, however, the refund will arrive a little later, sometime during or after December 2022.

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