Surprise: Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. still laugh at US taxpayers


During the four years that Donald trump served as president, he swindled millions of taxpayer dollars by running official business at his properties, where the incarnate con artist made sure to charge everything from golf carts to candles to the water. The biggest source of income, however, seemed to come from charging the Secret Service to rent space at its own resorts; whether it was a weekend in Mar-a-Lago or a night in Bedminster, Trump, who claims to be “very rich”, never thought of letting the individuals protecting his life stay for free, instead forcing the government to fork out. much more money than what Eric Trump once claimed was “like $ 50” per night.

Given that former presidents receive Secret Service for life, and Trump did not suddenly stop being a crook when he stepped down, that arrangement obviously hasn’t changed – between January 20 and April 30, he billed Secret Service $ 40,011.15, a nice change since he couldn’t have billed the agency anything.

But Trump is not the only member of his family still costing taxpayers sky-high sums of money – his adult children, who are all a piece of the old block of con artists, are too.

The Washington post reports that thanks to the 45th President’s order, taken during his last days in office, to extend 24/7 security for six months to Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, Lara Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Tiffany Trump, and three former public servants, taxpayers have been forced to fork out over $ 1.7 million to protect a set of people who (1) have no role in government and (2) can afford to protect themselves. How do the charges break down? Let’s start with Princess Purses and the Prince of New Jersey boy:

One of the first payments made by the Secret Service was Trump’s own company. That day, according to records, Ivanka Trump and her family left Washington for Trump’s Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, where Ivanka Trump has a cottage on the grounds. Secret Service agents arrived and Trump’s club billed them for the rooms they were using.

The bill was $ 708.30 for one night, according to records. The rate appeared to be $ 141.66 per room, the same rate the club charged the Secret Service while Trump was still president. Over the next six months, the Secret Service spent an estimated $ 347,000 on plane tickets, hotels and rental cars while protecting Ivanka Trump and her husband, former White House adviser Jared Kushner, according to the records. . Receipts showed the couple were visiting resort destinations: Hawaii, the Utah ski region, an upscale Wyoming ranch, and Kiawah Island, SC

Agents also followed Kushner – now a private businessman – to the United Arab Emirates in May, paying $ 9,000 for hotel rooms, according to federal spending data released online. The secret services did not specify the price of the plane ticket for this Kushner trip. The Daily Beast reported that the hotel was the Ritz-Carlton in Abu Dhabi, citing a government spending document that said the hotel was Kushner’s choice.

In other words, taxpayers have partly footed the bill for Javanka’s vacation and for Kushner playing the role of a businessman. Spokesmen for the couple did not respond to the To postKushner’s requests for comment, but if they had, they might have explained why taxpayers are still funding Kushner and Ivanka’s security details when the duo have reportedly earned up to $ 640 million by working in the White House and can surely pay for such things out of their own pockets. (Another unanswered question: Do Kushner and Ivanka now let the Secret Service use their bathrooms, or do they always have to find a tree outside when nature calls them?)

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