Tax evasion: 350.71 kg of gold seized in 2021-22

The State Goods and Services Tax Department seized 350.71 kg of gold during tax evasion checks in 2021-22, which showed a massive increase from the previous fiscal year.

The gold was seized in different parts of the state during inspections conducted by the department’s intelligence teams to check for tax evasion, department officials said Saturday.

The seized gold, in the form of ornaments, gold biscuits and in a molten state, lacked proper documentation or was brought into the state using paperwork containing incomplete or incorrect information. The inspections brought in ₹14.62 crore for the state government in recouped tax and fine.

A total of 306 cases were recorded in connection with the seizures. Gold has been seized during inspections from vehicles, jewelery shops, hallmark establishments, ornamental manufacturing centers and near bus and train stations.

In 2020-21, the department had seized 87.37 kg of gold in connection with 133 cases. The inspections had earned the state government ₹8.98 crore in fines and reclaimed tax.

Overall, the intelligence wing of the state’s GST department had detected 17,262 tax evasion cases in the 2021-22 fiscal year.

Tax Commissioner Rathan U. Kelkar said inspections by intelligence teams and test purchases would be stepped up in the coming days as part of efforts to tackle tax evasion.

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