Texas’ Abbott rethinks taxpayer-funded bus travel for migrants

Governor Greg Abbott seemed convinced he had a political winner on his hands. The Texas governor, whose other border-related schemes have gone awry, had the brilliant idea of ​​putting groups of undocumented migrants on buses and transporting them to Washington, D.C., without any coordination with federal authorities .

As we discussed, the Governor may not have thought about this. In fact, it quickly became apparent that many migrants were quite happy to discover that the state of Texas was offering free bus rides, funded by American taxpayers. The passengers even received meals.

A migrant from Nicaragua told The New York Times that he didn’t understand why Abbott offered such a generous perk, but was still grateful for the taxpayer-funded trip.

It is in this context that the Republican of Texas, in the middle of the re-election campaign, is rethinking his policy. The Texas Tribune reported that Abbott now wants the public to start voluntarily funding charter bus rides.

[In early April,] Abbott proudly presented the trips as an act of immigration defiance against the Biden administration. But the shift to asking private donors to pay for charter buses comes as his plan has been increasingly hailed as an act of generosity by Democrats, immigration rights groups and even migrants who have rode the buses, while those more to Abbott’s right politically panned as a misuse of taxpayers’ money that entices migrants into Texas.

A mock Republican lawmaker from Texas wrote this week, “Congratulations to Governor Abbott. The news will be passed from community to community that if you can just get to Texas, the governor there will pay for your transportation anywhere in the United States.

The new plan, of course, is a crowdfunding website, like Kickstarter or GoFundMe, set up by the governor’s office. People can donate to the Border Transportation Funding, the Texas Border Wall Project, or both.

As of this afternoon, the bus trip project has raised nearly $68,000, while the wall initiative has raised over $55,000.

How much charter bus travel to the nation’s capital will it pay for? Abbott apparently doesn’t want to talk about it: The Texas Tribune report added that the governor hasn’t said whether taxpayers’ money will continue to go to politics, how much the bus program costs or how many migrants have had their travel expenses. taken over by the Texans.

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