The leadership qualities of a long-dead parrot

“Be careful what you say,” said my friend, “this guy is fanatical about the local parrot colony and if he suspects this new port proposal will scare off even one of his parrots, the port project is dead!

It was serious business for a remote area a few years ago.

The man picked us up in his mini bus and we drove to inspect the local foreshore area. Along the way, he talked about the local parrots, their growing population, their mating habits and how they encouraged tourists.

Sitting in the back seat, I was suitably disinterested, but he snapped me out of my reverie by asking, “And you like parrots?!”

“Oh sure,” I said. “But I really like them best when they’re steamed or fried and served with peas and maybe fries.”

Appalled, he slowed the vehicle down while catching his breath, then replied, “You mean…you would eat parrots?”

‘Parrots?’ I questioned, ‘Oh I’m sorry, I thought you said carrots.’

He obviously had never seen The Monty Pythons dead parrot segment so the humor was lost on him, but he amazed me with his bigoted behavior and obsession with parrots.

This man would gladly have sacrificed a small regional port and hundreds of job opportunities to save a few annoying parrots during the construction phase. Such is the fervor of fanatics living in the green fantasy…

The green machine has managed to fool federal and state leaders over the past 30 years while happily declaring national parks, sensitive fish habitats, and marine parks that together almost completely encompass the entire country as “no-go zones.” “. This is a major problem for commercial activities, regional development, regional employment (especially in indigenous areas) and, above all, it serves to limit the defense infrastructure necessary for border protection. We’re a sitting duck (or should that be a parrot?) to any potential invaders.

Australia has the largest area of ​​national park and the longest length of shoreline per capita of any country in the world. In reality, it’s not something to brag about when emboldened neighboring nations rattle their swords.

Look how quickly World War I started. Within seven days of Austria’s declaration of war on Serbia, seven nations, via their alliances, were at war.

World War II began just as quickly, with an emboldened and well-armed Germany invading Poland, and later the Japanese joined in attacking Pearl Harbor – both times without any polite notification of intent.

America and the UK were well prepared militarily for World War II, but how prepared is Australia for a possible Third World Encounter?

In the event of a surprise attack on Australia by the Norfolk Island Fishing Club over a long weekend, I think the odds will be on the Fishing Club’s side.

Our political leadership over the past 30 years has been lackluster at best and has allowed our nation and its people to weaken. Paul Keating declared us a banana republic, and then his words came true. With overdraft interest rates of 22%, Keating has established the highest percentages of business liquidations and receiverships in the country, including my company and its 300 bankrupt employees.

Even John Howard – supposed to be the best – in my opinion, as a small business owner, was pretty ordinary. He introduced grossly unfair retrospective taxation and ignored calls for small businesses to incentivize their lives by removing impediments such as payroll taxes. Turnbull’s wheelbarrow into the Liberal Party’s inner sanctum is a catastrophic failure of judgment and counts as a third strike from my perspective. Now Howard is sitting in the cheap seats and criticizing Trump’s “style”. Bad form indeed.

How could we forget the nation’s two worst prime ministers, Rudd and Gillard, with the latter uttering, “Oi will never introduce a carbon tax under my watch!” to ensure the confidence of voters for a few hours? Gillard then cut the defense budget to the lowest percentage of GDP ever.

Abbott should have sold 51% of ABC before he had the chance to take him down. Today, the ABC still dwells on the epicenter of the Woke-Left and all things anti-Australian.

Morrison betrayed both the liberal and Christian brands and should have passed the torch to Dutton for unseating Turnbull.

The difference between a leader and a superficial politician is that the leader will do what is good for the majority. Leadership is about convincing people what they don’t want to do, but need to do. Check for yourself and watch Brave heart Again!

Alas, sooner or later the price for national incompetence and compromise will have to be paid and we are certainly an easy target for a regional tyrant. We are a huge land with enormous mineral and agricultural wealth and a small population that remains to defend it. But wait! There is more! Australia now has an incredibly stupid and weak leadership focused on socialist trivialities, expanding highly paid unionized bureaucracies and appeasement of the UN’s Net Zero policies. These Lilliputians, with the leadership qualities of a long-dead parrot, have no idea of ​​the size and power of the approaching Gulliver.

On key bases such as port infrastructure for regional development and defence, the likely front lines of Western Australia and Queensland have a total of 20,000 kilometers of coastline, with an average of one port every 700 kilometers . To put some perspective, India’s most prosperous state, Gujarat, has a port every 53 kilometers. The UK has a port every 65 kilometres, all of which were an essential ingredient in the successful defense of the UK in two world wars.

To establish a new port in Australia, not only were national parks and marine parks enshrined, but the incredibly slow and expensive permitting process kept hundreds of EPA and APBC bureaucrats busy with regulations and fees. constantly growing. This ensures that pesky but motivated small and medium-sized businesses are kept out of ‘pristine shorelines’, while only large, wealthy corporations can afford to engage in such an ordeal.

The 5 million Australians working in small businesses, many of whom struggle to survive even when working 60 to 80 hours a week, can all tell you that despite the bleating of leaders ‘we’re all in this together’, this it’s the small businesses that still carry the load. Most small businesses are family businesses and unlike many of our recent leaders, especially those from union or legal backgrounds, they understand priorities and what really works.

So where do we find a Lee Kuan Yew – a talented leader who prioritized the prosperity of his nation and people at the helm of his purpose and decision-making?

As for me, for the next 1,000 or so days until the next election, I will follow a healthy diet with a daily jog followed by a refreshing glass of parrot juice.

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