They denounce Macri in court for having said that in Argentina “to earn money you have to avoid taxes”


Fernanda Vallejos, Argentinian MP for the ruling Frente de Todos (FdT) party, denounced former President Mauricio Macri in court on Friday for inciting tax evasion, a crime he foresees a sentence of two to six years in prison.

The court presentation points to Macri for “inciting a competition with apologies for the crime”, due to recent statements by the leader of Ensemble for Change in a television interview, in which he claimed that “To make money, you have to evade taxes.”

“This morning we denounced Macri for ‘incitement to compete with apologia for crime’ for exalting evasion and inciting large corporations to commit tax crimes and other potential crimes, such as corporate fraud,” Vallejos announced from his Twitter account.

The 52-page memoir emphasizes that the ex-president’s statements “threaten protected legal property, tax collection, the state’s resource base and, more, against the state itself“.

Macri’s claims were made on September 2 and prompted an immediate reaction from the government of Alberto Fernández. It is that the referent of the center-right opposition has various causes pending for fraud and money laundering.

The most resounding of them concerns the non-payment of the cannon which had to be paid to the State for the concession of the Correo Argentino, although it is also accused of creating front companies in the case of the “Panama papers” , and for irregularities in the sale of wind farms.

“We must remove all these taxes that they created [el kirchnerismo], we must continue to collect more taxes. No one is going to come and invest in a country where to earn money you have to avoid taxes. Today, no one who pays all taxes in Argentina can have a return on their capital, ”Macri said on the channel. The Nation +.

“In the complaint,” explained the Peronist legislator, “we underline the ‘criminal responsibility’ and the ‘political and institutional gravity’ of the declarations of the former president, which threaten the state.

Finally, Vallejos expressed concern over what he considered “A message which is mainly addressed to major businessmen”.

“This is the only way to understand the specific reference he made to the media with the aim of increasing returns on capital employed, a language typical of the corporate world,” he said.

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