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Travel costs to Darwin Cemetery in the Falklands are not ‘overseas’, Argentine taxpayer cries

Wednesday, November 9, 2022 – 19:04 UTC

If the Falklands are Argentinian, spending there isn’t ‘abroad’, retired airline pilot argues

An Argentinian national who traveled to Darwin Cemetery on the Falkland Islands to pay his respects to fallen fighters in the 1982 war was outraged upon his return that his credit card charged him with surcharges recently created by the Deputy Minister of L economy Sergio Massa for spending abroad.

In addition to the 30% PAIS tax, a 45% future income and wealth tax payment was introduced in October so that the amount in pesos that Argentine consumers would be charged for expenses over $300 abroad – or in Argentina via the Internet – exceeds the unofficial exchange rate between the local currency and that of the United States.

The measure was aimed at boosting domestic tourism while preventing foreign currencies from leaving the country and thus preserving dwindling national reserves.

” It’s crazy ! cried Carlos, a 73-year-old retired airline pilot, according to major news outlet TN.

“I traveled to the islands for a personal feeling, I visit the Darwin cemetery to pay homage to the Argentinians who gave their lives to defend us. They are all in our hearts,” Carlos said.

“What they want to charge me is crazy. It’s a contradiction because the Malvinas Islands are Argentinian territory. It’s true that flying is exempt from this tax, so expenses incurred there shouldn’t be either. be covered,” insisted Carlos, who now resides in the province of Entre Ríos.

TN also reported that the AFIP tax office contacted Carlos to consider his claim once his story was made public.

(Source: TN)

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