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Dear Editor:

Once again the Westfield taxpayer is holding the bag, but this time there is nothing in it.

Recent valuations of Grand Park were astonishingly $120,000,000 lower than the value estimates of the Mayor of Westfield and his administration. It’s surprisingly close to the level of debt owed to Grand Park.

One might wonder after all these years, what has really been the return on investment for the taxpayer? The answer is more people, lagging infrastructure, and more cost to the taxpayer, but the real result of lower taxes never materialized. Lowering taxes shouldn’t be bait and switch where we raise them by 100% then lower them by 2% and say we’ve given a tax cut. It’s fodder for our buffoons who run Washington.

Does anyone find it interesting that the value of a park we started in 2011-2012 actually went down in value? Remember that the $85 million still owed on the property does not include interest we paid during construction, sod, land leases we paid, debt interest, or repairs. . Think of it like buying your house in 2011 for $100,000, hoping the value would go up, and after 11 years you owe $72,000 on your mortgage. Now a dozen people want to buy your house for the debt you owe. Sounds like a solid investment, doesn’t it? You have enjoyed living there for the past 11 years; that should be enough.

When will we learn that government leaders are not the best allocators of taxpayers’ capital?

Troy Patton

Member of Westfield Town Council

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